Japanese Tea Spreads

Featuring unique creations that are balanced and flavoursome - somehow worked harmoniously on the palate. There is something for every tea lover to enjoy.

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Tea Spreads (Cashew Butter Series)

No sugar added! Pure, clean nourishment to fuel your mind and body - naturally.

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Tea Spreads (Milk Series)

If you prefer something sweeter - go for this!

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Healthy to Indulge.

Jam-packed with antioxidants and caffeine from Japan. Your new-go to for power-up breakfast, midday snack, and pre-workout boosts, replacing your daily coffee fix.

Because Ingredients Matter.

All of our products are made high antioxidant ingredients like matcha, houjicha, and genmaicha with little to no sugar so those with strict diet plans and without can enjoy and share with confidence.