Refund & Replacement Policy

Should there be any discrepancy of Products delivered and the Customer wishes for exchange and refund, please contact us within three (3) days upon receiving the Products.

Refund/Replacement of Products can be arranged under the following reasons:
(a) if any Product has been delivered in a damaged or defective condition; or
(b) if the Product is out of date or expired; or
(c) if the wrong Product which is different from the Order is delivered; or
(d) if the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered; or
(e) if a Customer is charged more than the value of a Product as displayed on the site when the Customer makes its Order, CaveNut shall refund to the Customer the difference.


Note: All refunds will be made via the same mode of payment within 1 month and depending on the appointed bank refund policy in which your receipt of the refund will depend on the period of time your financial institution takes to finalise the refund. CaveNut shall not be liable with respect to any loss, damage, cost or expense that you or any person may incur as a result of any delay in your financial institution processing the said refund.